25 Green Days of Christmas

Day Three --

I read somewhere about using old business cards as gift tags but I'm taking the idea a different direction.

Using found leaves as gift tags. The cute guy came up with bay leaves, which is brilliant. I thought eucalyptus because they have interesting color patterns. Both types lay flat and are easy to write on.

We also have sycamore trees down the street with leaves bigger than dinner plates that we can't help but scatter about the house each year that would be plain art as a gift tag. They don't lay flat when dry however, but instead assume the shapes of wings in the moment before flight has begun.


Kim said...

I LOVE this idea - will you use a Sharpie to write on them?
I don't have any leaves around this time of year, just pine needles, which I don't think will have the same effect, but I'm going to look for some nice eucalyptus or bay leaves around. Does that make my Christmas less green, though, if I buy imported green stuff? Yes, I think it does. I'll report back if I find a better option.

Thanks, glad I worked that all out in my head right there. :-)

Emily said...

What a great idea. I'll be expecting lots of leaves from you.

Kale for Sale said...

Kim - Yes, a fine point Sharpie. Green is rarely an absolute in my mind but a choice somewhere on a scale of not so good, good, better and I can't deal with this right now. I look forward to your report back!

Emily - You're clever.

Kim said...

Check it out - I think they look great!