25 Green Days of Christmas

Day 21 --

Rent a Prius

We're traveling after the holiday to the cute guy's youngest son's wedding. (Hey, Canyon!) A friend suggested we rent a Prius. She's brilliant and as soon as I can find our flight information I'm going to go on line to reserve one.

Day 22 --

Shop Local

The cute guy and I are close enough to town to walk. In fact the town is right out our front door. A little too close. We're happy when people finally go home and leave us a bit of peace and quiet.

But we still believe in shopping local. Here's ten reasons why.

Day 23 --

Share Your Green Ideas

I started this blog after years of having dinner with a girlfriend, the muse, once a month. As part of our visits we share one environmentally friendly action we've taken since our last visit. They are small things; I stopped eating bananas because they are imported, she sends her daughter to school with cloth napkins instead of paper.

Overtime I realized that I was using cloth napkins at work and recently she told me she rarely buys bananas.

And now I have conversations with everybody about the environment, about food, stuff, about how we can better use our resources. Except sometimes I get excited and light my hair on fire and the conversation turns into an annoying monologue right before the room empties and I'm alone. Smoldering.

But I'm learning. Asking questions and listening generally leads to dialogue and if not, it's a good idea for me to let the topic go.

Which is so much easier on my hair.

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