Freezer Food and Squash

The best part of eating local the last week was pulling food from the freezer.

First there was the pork butt roast from a farm in Tomales that the cute guy and I made into chili verde with Canvas Ranch tomatillos. I'd cooked them with Brother Bill's backyard jalapenos. I could still taste the sunshine in them.

Twice this week I made corn muffins with Full Belly Farm cornmeal, the chicken hat lady's eggs, Stauss milk and blueberries bought last summer from the seasonal farmers' market in Fairfax. The berries seem bigger now that it's winter and bake up juicy and sweet. The muffins disappear so fast the cute guy claims the neighbors help themselves while we are out.

I also experimented for the first time with Rancho Gordo pozole. I read recipes online, waved the advice aside and used what I had, which was celery, onions, garlic, serrano peppers, carrots, a couple chicken legs with thighs and oregano. And I served it to guests. My brother and I had seconds and still the leftovers lasted two nights. And it got better. Especially when the leftover chile verde was added.

Faced with no more pozole I made a pan of potato and leeks with rainbow chard tossed in at the last minute and served it in a bowl with eggs over easy. It wasn't picturesque but it was hearty, fragrant and perfect for a ridiculous cold night.

It goes without saying we are still eating squash. Baked squash. And it's good. But I'm not ready to admit that I may have bought a couple too many or a few more than we are excited to eat.

I am determined they will not go to waste though. I know way too many people for that!

If you find one on your doorstep you can bet it's from me.

Happy Holidays!


Anne said...

I had to laugh - I'm down to 16 squash (out of the 21 I counted last month) and thinking about adding them to holiday gift baskets! So I feel your pain.
I have baked them with maple syrup and honey and butter, made soup, and I think the next project is stuffing them with apples or maybe meat. I even have a few exotic varieties of squash that I haven't tried yet!

Kale for Sale said...

Anne - You are braver than me that you took a count! Now to eat my lunch - yes, baked squash.