25 Green Days of Christmas

Day 7--

Give something that you already have.

My Mom does this all the time as my brother clearly pointed out this evening.

She once gave me socks that someone had given her. I love them. Their soft and too big and perfect for the couch. And she gave the cute guy a walking stick that has teeth. He growls each time he takes it out.

I once gave a friend my original four pieces of Fiesta Ware. She thinks of me each time she uses them on the table and I love that. We are creating history, building stories.

The cute guy is almost as good as my Mom at giving stuff away. I'm a beginner. He said he could make gifts of his musical instruments. I flinched which seemed a good test that the gifts would be good.

He suggested I could give away a couple of my little bowls. That flinch was bigger. "No way. I love those bowls."

He suggested some of my vases. I gave him the stare.

For me flinching is good though as it means the gift has meaning; it's not a throw away.

Somewhere in between, between flinching and not flinching, is the right shade of green. And if I'm not sure I can ask my Mom.


Donna said...

Katrina...I love this idea. I'm searching my house as I type. I once gave Christy two picture frames...she gave them back shortly after she opened them. It was a big flinch, but I love them and look at them daily. One has a photo of Missy, her cat and the other has a photo of Hannah. The "egg in hand" photo is wonderful. Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia - I could use some new picture frames! xoxox