25 Green Days of Christmas

Day 15 --

Don't be blue.

This was my green tip for myself after finishing up the Christmas list for the kids in our life; be forgiving of the choices that aren't green.

Day 16 --

Holiday Centerpieces

This year the President of our company was the first to walk into the room at our holiday lunch.

"Whooooa, look at that," he said.

We'd skipped the bubble bowls in the center of the tables. No candles. No imported red tulips. No twigs with three red berries on them. No big check for flowers to look at for two and one half hours.

He kept standing at the opening of the room smiling. Looking from table to table.

There was a long red truck, it's cab jackknived to miss a water glass; a turkey platter size backhoe with it's scoop lifted off the tablecloth. There was a tall yellow crane. Not a piece of evergreen anywhere.

"They're for the Toy's For Tots program. We'll deliver them after the lunch."

"Good idea," he responded. "They'll love 'em."

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