25 Green Days of Christmas

Day Four --

Save the Ocean

This idea is inspired by the Takeout Queen who carries the Seafood Watch Guide in her purse to refer to at take out counters and restaurants across the county. I'm sure she would use it at the grocery store too if she went to one, although the only fish I ever see her eat is salmon.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a printable version of the guide that can be cut out and folded to half the size of a twenty dollar bill to include in holiday cards or gifts for all the Takeout Queens of any gender on your list.

There are guides for the different coasts, Hawaii, the central US and the southwest (which I find curious). There are even guides in three dialects of Spanish.


Donna said...

Hi Katrina,
Okay...I just printed my West Coast Seafood Guide 2007. I'm not a big fan of seafood but you can bet I'll be checkin' anyway. And I think Bad Ties and Bay Leaves would be a good book title, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Well, I must defend myself a little. I do eat more than just salmon! I just happen to like salmon, know that it is just about the healthiest fish I can eat (if it's wild),and it's local.

Now local is a different definition. I am writing this from Hong Kong, where they have all kinds of interesting looking fish in the markets. I did not have my camera yesterday when I saw them, but will go back today with camera in hand. I have been trying all kinds of fish and liking just about everything, except raw jellyfish (yuck - slimy!).

I did take pictures of some fish farming off one of the islands of Hong Kong, and it was a pretty sad sight. I'm already avoiding farmed fish for a long time, but looking at how it is done here should turn just about anyone off.

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia - I've been trying to write a haiku --
Bad ties and bay leaves
adorn a Christmas package
Greening we all go.
--I know. It needs work.

TQ -- I can't wait to see the photos. Thanks for the info on the farmed fish. I have questions when you get home.