25 Green Days of Christmas

Day 13 --

Reuse It

I read these ideas in the Chronicle a couple of weeks ago and can't get them out my mind.

First, using strings of burnt out Christmas lights as ribbon substitutes. This is genius. At least it would be in my family.

And this one - buying an old couch pillow at the local thrift store, opening it up and using the stuffing as snow on the mantle. That is, if you need snow on the mantle. I don't, but if I did I would wash the pillow first. It's clever.


Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your 25 days of Christmas posts...they are inspired!
One thing, though...the idea of re-using old Christmas lights on gifts concerns me. They have lead in them...it's rec'd that people wash hands after handling the strands.

Kale for Sale said...

Tamara - With biodegradable organic soap I hope!

(I didn't know that piece and wouldn't have even considered it. I mean they don't look dirty. Thank you.)

JV said...

Miss Kale

I loved the idea of the used lights as ribbons and yes in your family it would be considered absolute genius....I laughted and loved it....good job....lead....no comment...

Keep up the good work.