Sunday Food Fun

1. Bought pears at the farmer's market.

2. Made mayonnaise.

3. Froze seedless champagne grapes.

4. Threw out old zucchini.

5. Ate Tomales Bay strawberries I'd planned to preserve.

6. Delivered farm fresh fruits and vegetables to the coughing, sniffling, runny nose Takeout Queen.

7. Made pesto with basil, cilantro and walnuts for freezing.

8. Oohed and aaahed loudly over Russian fingerling mashed potatoes.

9. Stepped onto ye olde soap box with my mother when she mentioned eating bananas and pineapple.

10. Cooked honey applesauce with the heirloom collection I'd been gathering as a centerpiece.

11. Slow roasted six pounds of tomatoes all day, shoulder to shoulder for freezing.

12. Searched the kitchen for garlic I bought and stored but can't remember where.

13. Answered two calls from the Takeout Queen about how good her food tasted even with a wicked cold.

14. Ate mayonnaise with brussel sprouts, salad, salmon, green beans, mashed potatoes and alone with a spoon.

15. Photographed pears.


El said...

Yay! Mayonnaise! (Brava, Kale!)

ap said...

So how were the slow-roasted tomatoes?????

I had oh-so-delicious strawberries and raspberries that you brought me for lunch, and a peach for a snack today, and despite the continuing coughing, sniffling, runny nose they still tasted so wonderful. I am discovering whole new worlds of food in this process!

I find myself getting a little too close to ye olde soapbox when I see people eating bananas and mangoes at work. What have you done to me!!!!!!!

Love, AP aka the Takeout Queen

Lcubed said...

Been housesitting lately with only intermittent access to a computer, so I'm finally getting a chance to say how much I'm enjoying your blog (and eating local, albeit almost completely vicariously). Kale for Sale makes me smile, salivate, and want to run out to the farmer's market.

Hugs to you and the cute guy.