Good Blog Reads

Eight months ago the only blog I read was Noodlepie written by an English guy living in Saigon. He ate street food and photographed it. Then he moved and I went back to reading books.

Now I've discovered local food blogs and the books are stacking up on the floor next to the couch. I no longer balance our bank statements or read the two magazine subscriptions I've been married to longer than the cute guy. The back yard has turned brown from neglect and my mother wonders why I don't call.

Here's some of my favorite blogs --

dirt to dish She's nearly out of salt for the month too.

Urban Hennery Pictures of Barbara Kingsolver's and Michael Pollan's recent books are right on top which make her blog feel like my cushy couch and she's a smart friend visiting.

Knitting Dahlias So many of these blogs I found at the Eat Local Challenge website list of local blogs and Knitting Dahlias is listed below mine. The visual of the name makes me smile as does the blog itself.

Life Begins at 30 This is the first blog I found about eating local and I keep going back. The author is a founder of the Lacavores and I say a silent thank you each time I visit.

Food on the Food I read this blog for the first time today after it was featured at the Eat Local Challenge website and laughed out loud. She's good.

Kona Yoga I like to think about doing yoga and this blog let's me dream and reminds me to keep an open mind. They eat local too.

Mom's Pizza Dough What can I say, I love pizza.

Fast Grow the Weeds This woman is amazing - gardening and putting up food and still finding time to encourage others. She was my mayonnaise guru.

Livin' La Vida Local This blog was also featured at the Eat Local Challenge website (what would I do without them?). She's young and on fire with eating local. It's awesome.

Green-Lemonade Another ELC featured blog with my favorite list of links to green websites.

The Herbwife's Kitchen I want a kitchen window like the photo on this blog and each time I go there I take a minute to look out the window as if it were my own.

I'm Mad and I Eat This blog came from the ELC website too and what I love is that last year she quit the challenge and let everyone know. That one blog strengthened my resolve to stick with it this month more than anything.


Melanie Lytle said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm going to have to check out all of these great blogs!

Laura said...

Wow - thanks for the mention! Just what I needed, more blogs to read. Oh well, now I'll never finish my current book...

Donna said...

I just discovered local food blogs, too, and have the same problem. Thanks for the great additions to my procrastinations! Here's another for you:

Katherine Gray said...

Hello! I'm so excited to find more people who are taking on this not-as-difficult-as-you-may-think challenge. And love the name and story behind it!

Denise said...

oh, this is no good. I all ready spend way to much time reading blogs...these are good ones though. I will just have to forget about doing laundry.

Rebecca said...


I'm glad you like my kitchen window! I'll have to take new picture when the leaves are falling, and one when it snows...

Barbara said...

Mahalo (thank you) for the nod. Kale grows outside my little cottage here in paradise so we have multiple connections. Aloha and namaste.

Graham said...

Thanks for the mention, very sweet and very kind words. But, I was living in Saigon, not Hanoi :) Although I did live in Hanoi for 4 years previous. Cheers and thx for great list of blogs

El said...

You're a peach!

the takeout queen said...

The books keep piling on my desk, and I'm behind on my magazines. And now you lead me to so many blogs! What's a busy girl to do??? But, hey, "Food on Food" took Cheerios as her exempt food. Now really, what kind of choice is that? I love the picture on this blog! WHat is it???

I'll be sending my check today to Sophia House for buying non-local produce.

I love your passionate and contagious enthusiasm. And your writing. And your pictures. And you. And the cute guy.

kale for sale said...

Everyone, What fun to hear from all of you. So sorry for the distractions I've provided.

Graham, Thank you for the correction!!! I knew that.

TQ, I wish I'd have found that blog earlier and I would have taken Cheerios as an exemption too! And if I had kids I wouldn't have had the guts or the bubble to take on the challenge at all, Cheerios or not. I lay my local peaches and cream at every mother's feet who even gave thought to feeding their child local foods.

The picture - It's a sunflower. A Northern California really fluffy one.