Things I Have Learned Eating Local

1. Freezer bags work better than regular sandwich bags in the freezer. (Where have I been?)

2. Apples stored in the towel drawer are forgotten.

3. Garlic should never be stored in plastic in the cute guys lunch bag. It too will be forgotten and the mold is not pretty.

4. More garlic is not always better than a little garlic.

5. I think slow roasted tomatoes are supposed to be skinned before going in the freezer. (Post note: I talked to the farmer and they don't need to be skinned! "Peasant food," he said. "Eat them with the skins.")

6. Ella Bella Farm has the best blackberries I've tasted since picking them from the sides of my great grandmothers chicken houses while she baked Saturday morning bread.

7. I learned how to cook fresh shell beans I found in Portland. Ask me if you want to know and even better tell me where I can buy some here.

8. That even though it feels like I'm spending my last penny on food at the farmer's market, it's only because I'm using cash and not invisible money on my card.

9. The cute guy does not like beets.

10. Sharing your extra food is a lot of fun. Especially when your extra food has comedic character.

11. This is a good one! Freezing fresh herbs into ice cubes that can be dropped into soup later, which comes from a comment on the Livin' La Vida Local blog.

12. There are grapes and then there are Grapes and they all need to be tasted.

13. Strawberries are grown in Tomales Bay! (I've know I've said this before but it's worth repeating.)

14. Chicken is better if bought with the head still on. And the feet for that matter.

15. That my Grandma knew what the heck she was doing; gardening, canning and keeping it simple.

16, That Petaluma is still the egg capital when it comes to taste.

17. I learned what kind of root the picture above is and I'll donate $10 to the Sophia Project if anyone else knows.

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