Day 30

On the last day of the eat local adventure there was wild salmon for dinner, yogurt with honey for lunch, Tomales strawberries in between and Sebastapol figs I bought this morning for $1.50 a basket. For breakfast we had left over mashed potatoes with peppers and eggs, Blue Bottle coffee and Strauss bottled milk. I keep pinching myself and the CG at all the local good food available.

But the holiday is over. Tomorrow I face the world with no limitation to my food choices. At every turn the world will literally be at my reach.

That's when the eat local challenge will begin.

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TQ said...

Katrina, you are inspiring. Congratulations and my deepest respect for going local for 30 days.

As you said, now the local challenge really begins.

Through you, and the readings you have recommended, I have become far more aware of what my food choices mean and how much they count. I know I will be much more aware of what I buy, and will attend more farmer's markets. And I have been preaching to my friends as well (at least I hope they're still my friends!).

I don't have a lot of time for shopping and cooking in my life, but I'll do what I can.

I love you.