Good News

Today I have a few pieces of eat local good news.

First is during dinner with my friend, the Muse, she told me she hasn't had any gas guzzling bananas since the last time she saw me. "Okay!" I said, not wanting to make a huge deal but feeling my insides doing cartwheels anyway.

Second, while looking for something else I came across this news piece that Duke University was participating in the Eat Local Challenge today to show their commitment to the environment and the local economy. It was good to be reminded that the eat local movement isn't happening only in individual homes but in big venues too and even better it's happening with the young adults. Okay, I really call them kids.

Lastly I was cruising Michael Pollan's website to see what he's up too with new articles or speaking events about the farm bill and when his new book is scheduled to be released. The latter of which I couldn't find. What I did find is that he'll be part of a panel on October 30 for a sneak preview of the documentary, King Corn. And if anyone can address the ramifications of the craziness of corn in our world today it's MP. After reading the Omnivore's Dilemma I'm such a corn geek I can't wait to see this movie. I'll probably have to buy the DVD.

Eat well and be safe.

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