Sustainable Fairfax

This is from the Wednesday evening Fairfax farmer's market, which was described on one bumper sticker as Mulberry on Acid. It's true. And not true. Whatever your picture, that's Fairfax and not Fairfax. We like to call it diverse and go there every chance we get. Tonight I went there to get my tire fixed after the most effortless flat I've ever had and cruised the farmers market while I waited.

I found a lemon from the Bolinas woman who makes backyard jams that make me want to eat toast every day. I pressed the lemon to my nose, closed my eyes, inhaled and imagined making fresh mayonnaise this weekend. It was the main ingredient I'd been missing but now I can give it a try. If the mayonnaise turns out I'll use the zafu shaped cabbage we got last week in the Canvas Ranch farm bag to make coleslaw. And I'll use the bunch of scallions I bought tonight too that are really two parts art and one part scallion. They're tall and slender, forest green, a zen garden in a bunch.

"From Sebastapol," the young man said counting out my change.

"Beautiful," I said.

He nodded, "Yeah," drawing it out.

Yeah. The eat local challenge is going good.


AP said...

Go Katrina Go!! You're inspiring, and maybe just a little but crazy, but I love you for all of it. I'm doing fine with my committment to eat only local (<100 miles) fruits and vegetables this month. I've just spent 1/2 an hour making another couple great salads for the next couple of days. That's more time than I spend preparing food most months!

Love, AP, formerly known as the Takeout Queen

kaleforsale said...

Dear Takeout Queen -
I too have been in the kitchen to the degree we now use the dishwasher. Did you know you have to push the tray in before closing the door on it or the dishes fall everywhere? As to inspiration you may have it a little backwards. It is I that am inspired! Keep it up.