Local Stories and Lists

I love stories as much as I love lists. One of the good things about stories is I can make them up but even better is getting to read or hear other people's. I found a half dozen vignettes on Barbara Kingsolvers website for Animal Vegetable Miracle from people who are eating local. The stories are succinct and sincere. Maybe there's one woman who is a little over enthusiastic - but in a good way.

And because I love lists here's one of those too from the kids who wrote Plenty.

Here's my half story, half list for today. The cute guy and I are leaving town Friday and picked up our farm bag tonight which had me wild as a hurricane in the kitchen so nothing would go bad over the weekend. I cooked and froze tomatillas with jalapenos and garlic. I froze the remainder of last nights applesauce so we could eat the Canvas Ranch it-really-tastes-like-a nectarine, nectarines.

The new zucchinis are going with me to work. The new apples have gone into cold storage in the kitchen towel drawer.

For dinner I cooked eggplant with ladles of tomatilla juice, onions, garlic, infant yellow squash and a few green beans. I put Bodega Bay goat cheese on top and diced tomatoes mixed with backyard basil and the mermaid's salt over that. We are eating local!

The half of the farm bag tomatoes we didn't eat are slow roasting in the oven along with all the peppers, quartered and deseeded. My plan is to put the roasted peppers into a jar with olive oil and keep them in the fridge to use for pizza nights. Stay tuned.

And eat well.

The next day -- The peppers were a success.


Bettina Stern said...

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Melanie said...

Katrina - have enjoyed catching up on your local-eating adventures! Especially like "the cute guy!" I never know what to call my husband on my blog - I may just have to come up with nickname as you have done. Oh, and well done on the ELC mention!

kim said...

Thanks for the great idea. I am being overrun by peppers from my CSA box and am looking for ideas. I roasted a bunch of peppers, put them in oil and use them on everything. Brilliant.