Van Jones

Tonight I saw Van Jones in conversation with Senator Darrell Steinberg discussing green jobs and a green economy at the Commonwealth Club. Senator Steinberg did his best to hold his own. He seemed like a good, caring guy; he's got passion, but Van Jones was the star.

A smart, gracious and passionate star. Anyone on the stage with Van has an up hill climb but what was so beautiful was Van kept reaching out his hand to the Senator, agreeing with his points, acknowledging his good work, strengthening the partnership. He knows he can't build green jobs alone.

He also knows that he and the Senator can't build green jobs alone. That's it's going to take everyone's best thinking. And this is where I get frustrated. Because I want to help. Sure I eat fancy carrots and save shower water but it doesn't make a difference if my neighbors don't have access to fresh, sustainable food. If they aren't all working to save water. If we aren't all speaking up for social justice.

Yeah, I've got the bug. But damned if I know what to do with it.

Check out Van Jones. But watch out, you might get the bug too.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link!

Green Bean said...

I've been bitten! I don't know what to do about it either. I've doing everything I can think of, though. I'm excited that my city's green task force - for which I write the newsletter - just started a biking buddies group (weekend rides slow enough for kids to go along, ending at a locally owned cantina) and is now trying to start a community garden. I think this is where we start. On a very low to the ground community level and build a ground swell from here. Or at least that's my hope.

Great video, K. Everyone should watch it and be inspired.

Jill said...

Great post, and thanks for the link! But Kale, don't say it doesn't matter that you are doing this stuff just because your neighbors aren't! Believe me, I'm just as frustrated, but really, every little bit helps and you are one more person doing something- and that DOES matter---ok, I sound kind of korny there, but you know what I mean :) Keep spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

But don't you think the little things matter just as much? Such as your blog -- which has probably outgrown the little things category. Thanks to you I think about and sometimes actually do sun-dry my laundry, bike to work, bring cloth bags to the store, and think about where my fish comes from. Blog on!

Kale for Sale said...

bobbi - I hope you enjoy it.

green bean - You've been bitten for awhile and you have an endless well of energy. I don't know how you do it all but I'm glad you do.

small change - Did you make one of the videos? I'm not sure how I linked you but I'm glad I did. You have a wonderful new blog. I agree with you that every little thing matters immensely. And there's a way that I want to keep making the conversation bigger, more inclusive and I'm fumbling so my post came out inaccurate because I don't have the words for what I want to say yet. But I'll find them. Thanks for commenting so I could find your blog.

audrey - Thank you. I do believe and I get so excited and frustrated at the same time that I throw my hands in the air that nothing matters. The feeling doesn't last long though. I have to tell you I found a drying rack at my favorite independent hardware store. The last one. The woman said most people buy them to dry pasta. And thanks to you I called our local food bank and am working out a way to deliver plums from the tree in our yard. So yes, blog on.