Haiku Friday

local dinner

new potatoes and
yellow tomato salsa
with avocado


Unknown said...

Is that a potato? It looks more like a ruby carrot ...

Kale for Sale said...

bobbi - The potatoes weren't near as pretty as the ruby carrot, so I used the carrot instead. These carrots seem to be everywhere now and two years ago I never knew they existed.

Lucy said...

A feast of New World treasures!

The slices of carrot...such divine colours.

BerryBird said...

Those ruby carrots are gorgeous. They haven't shown up at farmer's markets in my city yet. Maybe next year?

PhotoVentura said...

Just discovered your site though Lucy at Nourish Me from Melbourne Australia - beautiful pictures, thought and recipes!

I especially love your Haiku Friday:

I often think in
seventeen syllable thoughts
for creative flow...

Kale for Sale said...

lucy - It's always a treat when you stop by.

berrybird - I'm seeing lots more of these carrots on our markets than were here last year. Which may only mean I didn't have on my pink glasses last year. I'm not a gardener but there may be a fall harvest of carrots too so you could be surprised.

kyle -

your quite clever haiku com-
ment from down under