Haiku ... Saturday

Food Independence

Voting with our forks
to celebrate local foods,
the party goes on.


hmd said...

What am I thinking? I'm thinking those peaches look mighty fine! Mmmm. Peaches!

Green Bean said...

I love that you can sum up the local food movement in a haiku.

Kale for Sale said...

heather - The tastiest so far. I bought them from a woman that looks to have been farming forever. She doesn't have a lot of any one thing but everything she has is heirloom or from an ancient tree and is clearly touched by her hand. I feel like I'm buying history or art. Unfortunately for me she's from further north and I don't have the pleasure of shopping from her often.

green bean - Thanks GB. I struggled with this though realizing that not everyone has a fair vote given reasons of access and economy. And I take heart at the crowds at every farmers' market I go to. There are a lot of people voting with their reused plastic and canvas bags, bicycles, red wagons and every damn utensil and mason jar in their kitchen!