Free Apple Juice

The Cute Guy and I made apple juice last night. I have to share the recipe.

One friend with an apple tree
Hundreds of ripe and not so ripe apples too small to peel
Rose Geranium Leaves

Quarter apples. With apple quarter fruit side flat, slice diagonally to remove core. Cut quarter in half to fit in juicer. Move fast; there are a lot of apples.

Peel all the ginger on hand. Feed through juicer too.

Harvest backyard mint while visiting with five year old neighbor. Wash and feed leaves through juicer. Repeat with rose geranium leaves.

Decide there isn't enough ginger and feed half the ginger skins through juicer.

Fill a quart jar with juice. Taste and exclaim. Fill another quart jar with juice. Admit that you were wrong, another jar is needed and get a third jar for juice. Repeat two more times.

Continue exclaiming.

Freeze all but one jar of juice to enjoy immediately.

Consider buying a freezer because your refrigerator freezer is already getting full.


Theresa said...

Oh my, that does sound good. I can imagine your repeated exclamations :)

I've taken the plunge and bought a deep freeze - I've been mulling it over for a year now, and just ordered it last week. I'm determined to have local, organic and home made produce over the winter! Plus it will save me trips into town to the grocery store, because I can buy things all at once in bulk and freeze them. This will help me while I learn other things like canning and fermenting and dehydrating.

Melissa said...

that sounds fantastic! I was just thinking today that I need another freezer too! I fed veggie scraps to the worms today because I have no more room for freezing stock in the freezer...

Jenna said...

Sounds amazing! I'll have to give that a try when my yearly appl madness hits in a month or two.

As for the deep freeze? I couldn't do without it anymore. Not only do I save a fortune on my groceries, I can make the most of all the local goodies available to me as they come - and not worry about what I'll eat over the winter. I can't bring myself to BUY strawberries in January here in Ohio... but I sure enjoy digging them out of the freezer when the mood hits.

If cost is a worry (and these days when isn't it) check your local
2nd time around shops. I bought my first for only $40.

Lucy said...

Ah, a friend with an apple tree is a friendship worth cultivating!

Rose geranium, too. Must be scented in a heavenly - HEAVENLY - way.

Summer's treating you well, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Your juice sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing the recipe! We have a small apple tree that produces lots and lots of unripe apples. I'll just have to try it.

Kale for Sale said...

theresa - Congrats on the freezer and less trips to the grocer. You're going to have a tasty winter from it and your bountiful garden. We're on the same learning curve for canning but I've yet to venture into the world of fermenting or drying things. I know they're waiting around the corner though.

melissa - Lucky worms. We drank some of the juice we had frozen and while it was still really good it lost some zip. Although someone who only had the frozen thought it was ALIVE with no prompting what so ever.

jenna - I hope you post about it if you do. I had no idea fresh apple juice could be so good.

Buying a second hand freezer is brilliant. It hadn't crossed my mind. My only hold back is that we ate completely local last year using our little freezer and never felt deprived. We're completely spoiled with food year round here though. And I would still like a bit more freezer room for berries and corn and I don't know, summer harvests. We'll see.

lucy - Yes, the summer has been ideal. Not too hot at all, which I love and the fruit trees seem to be breaking their branches with the promise of juices and jams.

audrey - I hope you like the juice as much as I continue to like making the fried rice you inspired. And like you told me, let me know if you improve on it.

Chile said...

Hm, sounds yummy...except for the flower. I don't like floral taste. Yeah, weird, I know.

I have wanted a chest freezer since I got married. Since my sweetie never agreed that it was a good investment, last year I bought a 5 cu ft upright freezer from craigslist. Less efficient but always full. Maybe I'll eventually convince him to trade up...