Two For One

We were having company for dinner. And I wanted flowers for the table.

But I was wavering after splurging on too many organic cherries.

Then I picked up a bunch of onions for the meal. It took a minute to connect the flying object in the air to the onions in my hand.

But once I did I had flowers for the table.

Definitely a good find from Marin Roots Farm. And the onions were inspiring too.


Green Bean said...

Beautiful! I have some of those growing in my yard.

Kale for Sale said...

Did you plant them from seed? That's probably a silly question but it's nearly unfathomable that such a majestic stalk could come from a seed. I need to hear someone actually say it is true. You'll have to cut them and put them in a vase, green bean. They're stunning. Much better than the funny light photos you see.

JV said...

Miss Kale
Well, I felt very special to have been one of those dinner guests and of course it is always delightful to come to your home and see what wonderful creation you have on display in one form or another. Not only did you present a feast of food but the visual feast was fantastic also,,,no wonder you are my favorite have a question if you were to make a simple salsa what would you do? I went to the store and it was $4.99 and I just refused to pay that much but I would like some salsa.
Thank you..

Kale for Sale said...

Mom - You sound so nice. Did you have syrup for breakfast? I know - it was the sugar snap peas I gave you! As to your salsa question - Have you considered planting a tomato, a pepper? Ummm. For simple salsa dice a tomato, a bit of onion, add pepper for heat if you want. A dash of salt. Then make it up. Bits of cucumber, squeeze of lime. Toss in some apple or a radish. How about some corn? A knuckle of ginger? And by making it fresh you won't have the pesty plastic container to add to the landfill.

(PS: I was happy you came for dinner.)