Worm News

The worms are having babies. A lot of them. I saw them clustered in groups on the ridge at the top of the bin. I'm so relieved.

For the last six weeks it seemed as if the primary life in the bin were silver winged bugs whose main purpose was to fly in my face. They're still there but tonight I was happy to see a black spider has also moved in.

The last time I fed the worms it was lettuce gone to seed and pulled from the backyard pots. In a display of tenacity however, the plants refuse to decompose. Two of the plants have lifted their heads, roots completely bare, to push on the dark roof. They startled me more than the flying bugs.

I've decreased feeding in a novice attempt of controlling the bugs and have taken up making contraband drops at the community garden compost piles. I doubt anyone who cultivates chard or sugar peas is going to ask me to take my compost and leave. But I've yet to find a gardener to ask if my contribution is truly appreciated.

For now, I consider the deposits random acts of greeness.


Donna said...

OMG! Katrina...did the baby worms arrive on Mother's Day? That is wonderful. But the little flying things and spiders, are they supposed move in? Good job on random acts of green-ness. Love, Olivia

Green Bean said...

Yeah, your worms survived. I killed two or three batches before I gave up worm farming. You did it. You are officiall a worm farmer - or a worm mommy, depending how you look at it. Congrats.

Kale for Sale said...

olivia - Yes, they are my babies. They acutally are kind of cute. Ideally the bin should balance out and the bugs will leave very politely. Now to find that balance. They really aren't that bad though.

green bean - Knock wood again though. So far they are surviving. I have a solid start. Without a gardening yard at least I can farm something!

Theresa said...

Hmmm...your random acts of greenness could even be considered a form of guerrilla gardening!

Connie said...

I think you should have a bumper sticker made: deposit random acts of greeness.

Kale for Sale said...

theresa - I like the sound of that, guerrilla gardening. It sounds like I'm getting away with something - in a robin hood kind of way. And you know what? it's unpredictable. Even better.

verde - That's not a bad idea. I'll send you one if I do.