Herbal Hair Rinse

Did you ever make mixtures when you were a kid? You know, perfumes or lotions, magic remedies? I started with mud pies but moved on to mixing perfumes and lotions from powders and water to make myself pretty for make believe tea parties.

Not a lot has changed except the tea parties are less make believe. These days I mix herbal rinses for my hair which I learned from the Herbwifes Kitchen blog. She said, use anything you want. Really. Use anything you want. I know how to do that, I thought, except I didn't believe it would work on my hair.

She mentioned rosemary. I used rosemary. My hair was smooth, snarl free. Then I sprinkled in dried lavender from the pantry. Next time lemon thyme from the backyard went in with the rosemary snipped from the neighbors hedge. And the time after that it was only thyme and lavender.

I tried scented geranium leaves with the lavender. It smelled nice. I put them with rosemary, with sage, with mint but I never noticed the color of the rinse. Could that be possible?

Tonight I poured it from the tea pot and it was red; jewel, berry, ruby red. Rosemary and rose scented geranium leaves steeped in hot water did this? I took the lid off the pot to investigate. Leaves. The answer was yes.

The rinse made my hair pink. Not really. But it did tickle me pretty.


Green Bean said...

Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this, I keep hearing about how good rosemary is for the hair and I have a plant in the yard that's biug enough now for trimming. Thanks! Purdy picture too.

Kale for Sale said...

green bean - I couldn't believe the color.

wmm - It seems the more I cut back on the rosemary the more it grows. Have fun. Sometimes I rinse out the rinse with fresh water but usually I don't. I suspect it's different for everyone.

Jenna said...

Sounds lovely.

Wonder how it would work on blue hair?

Chile said...

Gorgeous color!

This week, I simmered some rosemary in vinegar. It picked up a nice green color. It hasn't covered any of my gray up yet, but I guess that's because I only use a tablespoon of it in a cup of water.

Kale for Sale said...

Jenna - I'd like to think a vivid shade of violet but likely it would still be brilliant blue.

Chile - Is the rosemary directly in the vinegar supposed to cover the gray? That would be revolutionary.

Chile said...

No. It was pathetic attempt at a joke, implying my hair might turn green. Like I said, pathetic attempt... ;-P

Kale for Sale said...

Chile - Don't take it personally. I've always been embarassingly slow at getting jokes. I'm cracking up now though.