Reducing Our Carbon Bite - Everywhere

,Sometimes I leave a lot of people out of the local food movement and I'd like to apologize and invite everybody in. I know we can't all shop at the farmers' market or eat totally local for a universe of reasons. Regardless, we all have the ability to vote for a more sustainable food future and we all have the ability to take action to reduce our carbon bite.

There are as many ways to make a difference in the aisles of the grocery store as there are in the aisles of the farmers' market or even the rows of a side yard garden. And they're all the same. I don't know why I couldn't see this before.

I've made a list of actions, which aren't anything new but they do have a different flavor when applied to the grocery store, the farmers' market or the garden.

- Choose fruits and vegetables grown as close to home as possible.

- Say no thank you to farmed salmon and shrimp.

- Buy what's in season.

- Choose organic when you can or every once in awhile.

- Pick seasonal flowers grown as close to home as possible, preferably not grown in a hot house.

- Eat one locally grown food or meal a week.

- Don't waste food.

- Drink water from the tap instead of disposable plastic bottles.

- Say no to bags when they aren't necessary.

- Take a canvas bag.

- Try a new fruit or vegetable - the purple tomato, the red carrot, the heirloom variety you've not heard of before.

- Choose the produce that isn't boxed in plastic.

- Reuse plastic bags.

- Use cloth instead of paper napkins or towels.

- Choose GMO free.

- Compost.

Every action toward a food system that makes more sense counts. For all of us.


Green Bean said...

Nice list, Katrina.

Donna said...

Nice post. I'm working on a post of my own (not up quite yet!) with some links on it, and I'm going to add yours to my list.

maybelle's mom said...

nice and true. love the picture.

Joyce said...

This is a good list. Much more doable in places that have a long winter.

Kale for Sale said...

green bean - You are the Queen of good lists. I'm complimented. Thank you.

donna - My first thought was, I'll have to dust up a bit. Look good for the visitors and all. Which may mean I'm spending too much time on the blog that's it become my living room. I look forward to reading your post and thank you.

nonnasvoice - Welcome. And thanks. I like this picture too.

joyce - Welcome to you too. I forget about the long winters in other places. I found myself in Oregon on the edge of one this year and was naively stunned that there weren't any farmers markets happening. But we made the best of it at the grocery store.

I love your image of the drops on the leaf. Nice.

Emily said...

Thank you Katrina. That was very useful to me. I was happy to see that I'm already doing a lot of those things...this list, though, is more tailored to someone like me--

P.S. I didn't buy ANY tomatoes this winter. Just thought you'd like to know.

Donna said...

Kale, you're funny. :) My post is up now, but there's no need to vacuum or dust -- your blog already looks great.

Kale for Sale said...

Emily - You didn't buy tomatoes all winter! I didn't know that. That's awesome. Thank you for telling me. You're going to be writing my blog one of these days. Heck, you could do it today.

donna - I said it on your blog but I want to say it here too - That is such a strong and beautiful post about your awakening to the current issues facing the environment and society and the steps we can all take to come to the aid of each other and the planet. Read it here.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Katrina. Keep up the good work, inspiring me and so many others.

One more important thing to add to the list for lowering our carbon footprint: eat less meat and dairy. Doing so can do as much or more good in terms of reducing greenhouse gases than eating locally. Hear Science Friday's discussion of this at

Donna said...

Hey, thanks! That's really nice!

Kale for Sale said...

tq - Thanks for the link. I'll definately listen to it. I'm always surprised about the polluting factor of cows as I love them so. They are such a part of the natural landscape here to me. The good news is the Strauss Dairy uses the methane to generate energy to run the ranch but I know that is the exception. Less meat and dairy can certainly reduce our carbon bite and there are all kinds of shades of grey in that discussion that are best summed up as balance in all things is generally a good practice.

Donna - My pleasure.