I won't bore you with details of the chewy organic Dietsel turkey. Suffice it to say there is a picked clean carcass simmering in a soup pot.

The bird did however take much longer to bake than expected. At the appointed dinner hour and without setting the table, we served tasting plates of brussel sprout hash. Which should have been the plan from the beginning since inspite of wrinkled noses and a couple of brussel sprout virgins everyone hungrily agreed to try it.

With a scraped clean plate one of the virgins excused himself for a cigarette

Half an hour later, I set up a buffet of sweet potato galette and extra stuffing straight from the oven and quickly got out of the way. The turkey was taking its perfect slow time.

By the time the beast was finally brown and rested the suggestion of setting the table was as popular as our current administration and we had our third course of mashed potatoes, gravy, more stuffing and turkey on our original tiny plates.

"We should do it this way every year," the cute guy said. There were full mouthed murmurs of agreement.

"Are there more brussel spouts?" the smoker asked.

"On the counter," I replied. I did not raise my fist and shout a sweet yes of success. But I wanted to.


Laura said...

Congrats on your success! Sometimes the best laid plans are meant to go astray in the name of total enjoyment.

tq said...

Brussel sprouts! My favorite vegetable! I have made a dish similar to your brussel sprouts dish but using garlic and adding parmesan cheese after the sprouts brown a little. I have fed it to many brussel sprout virgins, those who have sworn off eating fetal cabbages, and not one has refused a second helping. Often I just don't even say what it is, because when finly sliced they have lost their known appearance. What, you say, TQ is talking about cooking? Yes, I am known to occasionally put food to pan, especially for this dish, one of my favorites, learned on the houseboat.

I love the love and humor in your writing.

kale for sale said...

Laura - Yeah, let's hear it for letting go!

TQ - When you get that stove of yours hot, good things do happen. Can you get local or organic brussel sprouts at take out?