This is what grace was like at our house tonight.

Blessings on you. Blessings on the meal.

Blessing on my favorite Italian farmer with the dry farmed tomatoes who told me how to slow roast them. On the garlic that came from the farmers' market but I can't remember which one but I know is local.

Blessings on Deborah and her beautiful helper at Canvas Ranch for the peppers, on the farmer and his wife at Paradise Valley for the onion that was sprouting on the counter. Blessings on the basil from the backyard and the pesto I made that didn't get freezer burned and the walnuts that were in it from the man in Healdsburg whose wife cracked them in the evening next to the fireplace.

Blessings on the Petaluma Mushroom Farm, on the olive oil woman who refilled my jar and put her label on it perfectly over the other. Blessings on the people at Clover Stornetta for the butter and the bread bakers in Freestone that made the bread.

Blessing on the noodles that were in the pantry from Safeway and blessings on the salt that came from some place faraway and makes everything local taste so, so good.

And blessings on you.

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