The Farm Bill

Periodically I receive updates from Michael Pollan regarding upcoming events, articles or interviews.

This announcement arrived today:

I've written an op ed piece on the farm bill, "Weed it and Reap,"
which will appear in the New York Times "Week in Review" section
tomorrow (Sunday). We'll post it on the website later, but thought
you'd like a heads up. The bill comes to the Senate floor this week.
There are some important amendments on the floor, as I discuss in the
piece. Please do let your Senators know where you stand.
Michael Pollan

If you would like to receive announcements from Michael Pollan too, you can subscribe on his website.

And if you live in California and would like to call your senators to speak up on the farm bill, or any issue that lights your hair on fire, their numbers are as follows:

Senator Barbara Boxer's Washington office: 202/224-3553

Senator Dianne Feinstein's Washington office: 202/224-3841

A real person actually answers the phone at the Senators' offices on weekdays and cordially takes a message.


Kim said...

Thanks for the heads up on Michael Pollen's email updates. I saw this recent article in the New York Times, but I often miss what he writes.

kale for sale said...

Kim - You won't a miss thing now. And the announcements read as if he's really the guy posting them which makes them even better. Enjoy.