Delicata Squash

Tip for Next Year:

Label the winter squash as to which farmer you buy it from.

I ate the sweetest delicata squash of my life today. Plain, baked, no butter, no sugar, nothing added except a touch of sea salt. I even ate the skin and the taste kicked my butt.

The delicatas came from Paradise Valley or the Harry Potter farmers in Pt. Reyes. I can't remember.

The cute guy had some for lunch too. He called me at work. "What did you put on the squash?"


I could hear him considering that. "Wow," he finally said.

(The photos is a palm sized hubbard squash that I also baked and it had no squash to it. It was all skin. Disappointing except that I had loved looking it.)


Anita said...

I am not much of a squash girl, but your description makes it sound super tasty. I love food that tastes good enough to eat on its own. And I feel your pain about forgetting where things come from. My terrible memory makes Dark Days recaps nerve-wracking!

kale for sale said...

Anita - I think the delicata was from Paradise Valley farm. I bought a few more to see if its true. If that's not the place I think they are from the Sunday morning guy with the dimples who could convert any lady to a squash girl.

PS -- Relax, your DDC recaps are terrific!

Dale said...

I have a small farm and produce stand in Stanwood WA. In the rich soil of the Stillaguamish Valley squash grows well. This year I've got Delicata. Can you give me an idea what to charge?

Dale of Simple Produce

kale for sale said...

Dale of Simple Produce - Lucky you. The name of the valley alone ought to be worth fifty cents more a pound than anyone else. I have no memory of what we paid for squash last year and I haven't seen them on the market yet this year. I do remember how good they were though.

Dale said...

Thanks for the response. By the way, I love this site!