Goods 4 Girls

There's a woman with a blog called Crunchy Chicken. The name doesn't convey the punch of what she writes. She goes full force, all the time and does not hold back. I'm sure she has a deep throated laugh.

And not that she's slowed down a bit but she considered not blogging as much. She's married with a full time job, two kids, a garden and her husband has cancer and was recently kicked out of the stem cell replacement program. Which cultivated the Crunchy Chicken Tribute blog. It's the blog equivalent of a long hug, a home cooked meal delivered on a Tuesday night or a late night girlfriend session at the kitchen table.

And it's a tribute to Crunchy's pet project Goods 4 Girls, an organization that provides hand sewn and reusable menstrual products to girls in Africa, which allows them to continue to attend school. The fact that this is a problem in some parts of the world woke me up to how much I take for granted.

Women are a huge part of feeding the world and I picture these future women smarter for having had the ability to stay in school before having to carry the responsibility of feeding themselves, their families and communities. I'm appreciative for the opportunity to help through Goods 4 Girls and Lunapads.

Crunchy Chicken is a smart woman with a strong voice for change. A voice with humor, with heart, with heated and warm emotion. Often irreverent. She is being heard even when she is no longer talking. And she's got a full table of girlfriends that she's never met. From here to Africa and back around the other side of the globe.

They're all saying, "You go girlfriend. Whatever you want to do, you do it. We're here." And they're saying, "Thank you, for all you do."

Me too. Thank you.


Green Bean said...

Per usual, a very touching post. Katrina, I love the way you write! And I love how you summed up what the crunchy tribute is all about - a long distance hug, an evening out with the girls. We may not be able to physically do that but, heck, we need to support each other as much as we can.

Kale for Sale said...

green bean- Nice compliment. Thank you. And kudos to you and Arduous for putting the tribute together.

I heard McKibben on the radio today and am reminded that he talks about an important element on the road to a durable economy being to take care of your neighbor. He probably wouldn't use a tribute blog as an example but I would. Good job.

Theresa said...

What a beautiful tribute to Crunchy - she is indeed an amazing woman and role model. And thanks for the reminder about women doing a lot of the feeding of the world. It makes that garden outside even more of a profound blessing. Thank you.

Kale for Sale said...

theresa - You're a pretty amazing voice yourself. I enjoy how enthusastic you are about your garden and how a few small leaves are the best part of the entire day. A blessing, as you said below.