One Kale Green Thing

Since I wrote one green thing people just tell me the one green thing they've done recently. I rarely get a chance to ask.

But I'm going to start asking here, "What one green thing have you done lately?" I'd like to know. Hearing and reading the actions of other people on the sustainable causeway encourage my own actions and I love that.

Here are a few green things from my week.

The Muse planted a barrel of greens for her daughter's guinea pigs, Lola and Ginger. They let them run and eat in it. It's a renewable, edible pig playground.

The Takeout Queen has begun referring to her Seafood Watch pocket guide when ordering sushi. And a co-worker independently initiated a switch from paper to compostable plates in the office kitchen. I wanted to hug her.

I quit my daily Starbucks habit and coffee all together as a result of Chile's latest Quit Now challenge. Thanks, Chile. I feel good.

And I found this one green thing at Going Crunchy. She's capturing scraps of water. I liked it for it's simplicity and that it's something I can do too. And given the headlines this morning a lot more people may be appreciative of this tip quite soon.

None of these things are going to save the world but they encourage me. And put all together there's a wake created that encourages others too. Whether they're aware of it or not.

So, what one green thing have you done this week, yesterday or today? I'd love to know.


Joyce said...

Not an original idea, but we just started catching the extra water from our showering in a bucket that we sit in the shower stall. Then, when we get enough, we use it to flush the toilet.

Theresa said...

I like to use a fountain pen when I can. I don't always remember to get it from the drawer, but I'm getting better at it. Writing a list or a letter is nicer and more relaxing with a fountain pen, I find.

Donna said...

Every June a large, wealthy neighborhood near us has a mass garage sale. Something like 200 families participate. I started my list months ago and tomorrow morning I'm going "shopping" for everything from the next size preschooler clothes, snow boots and toys to camping gear. Buying used is great for the environment, but it's pretty good for the wallet, too. Last year I got every single thing on my list, including a tricycle, and spent less than $30.

Lori said...

I turned in my parking pass and started taking the light rail system into work.

This is the second summer I've ridden the train to/from work, and I have to say I enjoy it. I still haven't convinced myself to do it during the winter, though - it adds 1/2 hour each way to my commute and I like to see an hour or two of daylight at home every day.

SoundHunter said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm composting stained baby clothes that are too stained to hand down to anyone and too small or whatever to use as rags. Cotton is compostable.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been nothing but brown (or is it black) this week. I've been driving instead of taking the bus, eating boxed cereal for breakfast. I haven't been to a farmers market in who knows how long. Thanks for the reminder that it just takes a little thing!

Chile said...

Congrats on the coffee, Katrina. You're awesome!

If I had to pick one green thing I did this week, it would be biking around the yard sales this morning. It was getting hot, my butt was sore (new bike seat), and I could have easily rationalized driving. But I didn't. I pushed myself and pedaled on.

Kale for Sale said...

joyce - I'm in good company as I've yet to do a single original green thing.

We're catching the shower water too - the cold before it gets hot - and using it for the pots of peppers. Saving that water in the bucket, carrying it downstairs and to the backyard somehow makes it precious and makes me happy. I don't understand it.

theresa - Good one. Fountain pens are a lost art. Thanks for the reminder.

donna - That's unbelieveable! I hope you write about your take this year.

lori - From one commuter to another that's some good reading time. Enjoy. And thanks for leaving a comment.

wfm - I read about a guy that put a pair of blue jeans in his worm bin and they composted. That's serious. Good idea with the baby clothes. Thanks.

audrey - LOL What time is breakfast? I love boxed cereal. Or is that dinner?

chile - Every day I've wanted coffee too. Damn it. But I have more energy not drinking it which is backwards but hey, I'll take it.

Every time I see one of those bikes like you have, and I apologize for not remembering the name of it, I think of you. There are several around here. Sorry to hear about the new seat but you're the Chile, of course you pedaled on! Regardless I hope it breaks in soon.

Anonymous said...

I picked up my first ever allotment from my CSA on Thursday. They emailed recipes too, and one turned out to be a great bonus since it will replace the processed ingredient in one of our old family favorite foods.

I wish I could say I switched to public transportation, but unfortunately that's not possible. BUT! My boss agreed that I could rearrange my work schedule to work one less day a week, which means one less commute.

Kale for Sale said...

sarah - Congratulations on your first CSA pick up. I had great fun with our CSA last year. Especially the mandatory creativity weeks to use everything up. In retrospect those were my favorites.

And double congrats on working four days a week. You'll have time to use up everything in your CSA box!

Anonymous said...

Your first One Green Thing post really inspired me to look for even more ways I can be green.

Wow, you stopped your Starbucks habit, now that was a big one!

One green thing at work -- yesterday was a Spare the Air day, so we encouraged people who drive to work to telecommute for the day.

And my green thing at home -- Since my kitty started spending much more time indoors as he is aging, he is using a littler box instead of going outside. I've been emptying the poop with a ziplic sandwich bag, tuening it inside out and then sealing it to keep in the odor. But then I started thinking how bad it is for the environment to use plastic this way. So now I am picking up the poop with a small paper towel and tossing the poop on the hillside outside my garage where it will decay naturally.

Kale for Sale said...

tq - I want to work for you and telecommute. That's great.

When I took care of Kinkster I flushed his poop. Putting it on the side of the hill is better though. Good for you!