I won a raffle once. And my mouth fell open. Then I couldn't stop smiling.

I would love to win the upcoming CUESA raffle, a year of dining out. I'd fall over if I did.

It's become tradition, if you can call three years a tradition, that I gift a friend with a ticket for his birthday too. And then wish until I'm blue his is a number that's called.

And while I'm wishing I'd love to win this raffle too. It's a benefit for Soul Food Farm, a chicken farm that recently suffered a fire. The raffle is put together by Bi-Rite in the city. There are great prizes, really great prizes, but I can't get past the year of ice cream. Truthfully I'd be better off not winning this.

But it's such a good cause I'm trying anyway. I had Soul Food Farm chicken for the first time a week before the fire. It was the real deal - chicken raised on the pasture. In spite of the fire the farm is moving forward - with a lot of love and help from their friends.

Chicken does not get better than that. Except, maybe, if you ate it with ice cream.

Here's how to get a ticket .


Kelly said...

hehe. chicken with icecream. reminds me of enid blytons faraway tree! its a bugger that fire. almost donated then thought i should do something more local, and gave there. it was a dilemma. figured the US rellies probably doing enough. lovely you.

Kale for Sale said...

Kelly - I had to google Enid Blyton. It looks like a wonderful series of books. Thank you. And apparently they knew how to eat well. I go through the donation dilemma too and like you, more times than not, choose the local. Keep your fingers crossed for me though! I have my tickets.