Haiku Friday

Sunday afternoon -
ten jars of strawberry jam
on the pantry shelf.


kathryn said...

Oh gosh Katrina, I do *love* your Haiku Friday.

And ten jars of strawberry jam - that's highly exciting.

Donna said...

Mmmmm! And you know the best part is that canned jam can stay on the shelf instead of the freezer, which has to be moved, if you happen to sell your house. Oh, sorry, that's me, not you. :)

Kale for Sale said...

kathryn - The jam is exciting as I am each time I open my copy of An Honest Kitchen. Everything about the magazine is delicious and I'm so happy you're doing it (selfishly so). Thank you for stopping by for a bit of haiku.

Donna - You're right though. I have such a tiny freezer that I'd have to forego the strawberry jam for the tomatoes - girl has to have her priorities - moving and not. Maybe next year you can grow your own strawberries at your new house!