Worm Love

I never knew worms hibernated.

But apparently they do and that's why part of my Valentines, one pound of approximately 600 worms, is not here yet. They are still sleeping and new eggs won't hatch until it's warmer.

The cute guy was at his handsomest this Valentines. Usually we exchange, "heys", across the table but instead he surprised me with a full ensemble worm bin. It's beautiful.

I've moved the bin to three different places in the garage in anticipation of the arrival of my new pets. If the kitchen were larger I'd have them there.

The bin is made out of a plastic storage box, ventilation at the top and a screen added a few inches from the bottom. There's a shiny garden hose spigot on the side.

The worms will eat all the fruit and vegetable parts that we don't with a few acidic exceptions. This article claims they will even eat a pair of Levi's.

Then the worms poop like crazy (I'm assured it doesn't stink) and once a month I'm instructed to pour a gallon of water over them. The water leeches through the poop settling in the bottom of the bin below the worm screen. I turn on the faucet and wella, I'll have a gallon of liquid fertilizer. This is love.

I want to give worms to everyone I know. I want to set up community worm bins, bring a bin to work. We could set them up at bus stops, grocery stores, libraries. We could have them at every Starbuck's across the country. Wouldn't that be something!

I'll start with mine. As soon as those lovely worms get here.


Donna said...

Hi Katrina,
Thanks for including that gorgeous flower when writting about worms. Are you getting the Red Wigglers? Do you have any names picked for your new pets? I really had never thought about worms as pets. You and the cute guy have opened a big new door for me.
Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

O - I don't know if they are going to be Red Wigglers or not. If so I'll simply name them every color I can think of. Chartreuse, Crimson and Celadon. Chocolate, Cherry and Chiffon. Your garage would be perfect for a bin full of worms and Tango could use some company when you're away. xoxox