Ridiculous Beauty

All around Marin the quince are rich with blossoms. I've never seen them so thickly pink. The acacia are either reaching their zenith or taking the first step away.

In Mill Valley at the intersection to Muir Beach it's daffodil city. There are bridal white fairy trees, pink ornamentals, and stately magnolias on every street and corner through Larkspur. Daphne scents evening walks and azaleas continue to be brightly proud.

In my backyard the white camilia is budded, the dogwood doing its naked possum act before it bursts into flower. The scented geranium has slung its crazy legs over the edge of the flower bed while tips of green are making their way ant like along the branches of spirea. Arbors of iceland roses are covered in suckers, obstinate from the start.

The blue jay, more opinionated than the morning crows, has returned without a word of where he's been. And even though I was ruthless cutting back the hydrangea in the fall, it's gone wild. Again.

The neighbors eavesdropping plum tree is fat with buds while the other neighbor's apple tree has yet to consider another spring. The peach and apricot trees on the far other side haven't joined the party yet but they have a reputation for showing up late, lipstick on their teeth, hems a bit short.

Next door a lime tree is hung with fruit, the product of pure neglect while on my deck red habaneros hang by threads to the decimated plants that bore them, stalks and stems decomposing in their terracotta pots.

Some days it's difficult to consider that the environment is breaking down from over consumption when all I can see is the tenacity of its ridiculous beauty bursting out all around me.


Chile said...

I've been noticing flowering plants all over as well. Even better are the butterflies flitting around.

Donna said...

Hi Katrina,
Once again our trees are loaded with beautiful white blossoms of snow, while I remember the brilliant flowering Quince, iridescent yellow mustard and kelly green hills of the wine county last weekend. Thanks for another reminder that spring is just around the corner.
Love, Olivia

Green Bean said...

Beautifully written, Katrina! Yes, I too have been noticing flowering plants. Last weekend in wine country also unveiled a few dainty painted lady butterflies. The world is so austerely beautiful when spring is just about to dawn.

Kale for Sale said...

Chile - I always feel like I'm going to win the lottery or have ice cream for dinner when I see butterflies. What is it about them? I can't wait to see one now so I can have an excuse for ice cream!

Olivia - I have got to get to the Napa Valley for a visit. You inspired me with your tales of food, people and now the landscape.

green bean - Were you with Chile? You both have butterfly magic going on! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to think of the name of this gorgeous plant so I can remember to plant it some day, and there it was in your first sentence - quince! Katrina, the writing in this blog is so beautiful and fun, one of my favorites! How you manage to come up with these turns of phrase is beyond me; I sure appreciate reading what you write.

Kale for Sale said...

tq - There's a quince, what do you call it, bush, tree, plant, at my grandmother's that was there when my Dad was a kid and he's 70. And the quince braches aside from being beautiful outside are terrific as a cut flower. Cut them when they're tight and they'll bloom out on the table lasting a long time.