Packaged Garlic

A friend offered to teach me how to make squash raviolis. "Great," I told her. "I have plenty of squash." A complete understatement but she had no idea.

"I'll bring the rest of the ingredients," she volunteered.

She unpacked her bag of cheeses and noodley skins onto the counter. "What's that in the package?" I asked.

She held up a square of clear plastic the size of a condom wrapper. Sealed on either side, the package contained three cloves of garlic. "Isn't this cool?" she said. "They peel and package them in individual servings."

Now I know that packaging garlic into ticky tacky little packages is nothing in terms of the enviromental, social and health issues facing the world but in that moment I was ready to give up. But not without speaking my mind first. I felt my cheeks getting hot, my hair beginning to smolder.

After spouting off about Trader Joe's and garlic from China and where all the plastic in the world is going to end up, I regained my composure and offered garlic from Brentwood. In it's original skin. My friend graciously accepted and told me to peel it.

An hour later the squash raviolis were terrific. Candle lit table, laughter, seasonal salad and brussel sprouts.

I called my friend the next day to apologize - again. She admitted the garlic we used was really good. "It tasted," she hesitated. "Well, it tasted garlicy."

I nodded my head silently on the other end and allowed a small smile.

"But you've got to work on your delivery," she added.


Anonymous said...

Katrina, my tomatoes look EXACTLY like that right now!

And I'm not sure I would have reacted much better to the idea of peeling and packaging garlic into individual servings. Our culture is very bizarre. Sigh.

Yesterday my first ever home-planted garlic started to show little spikes of green through the straw mulch. I'm so excited!!

Emily said...

I sometimes cannot read your blog because I feel SO GUILTY! I have many little packaged items that absolutely don't make sense...

Someday I'll be able to contribute more by offering all these amazing tips from my totally organic 1/2 acre garden...that's completely fertilized with chicken poop that I harvest myself, and the occasional princess poop (see blog for details).

Anyway...I think it's GREAT what you're doing.

Kale for Sale said...

Melinda - Congrats on the garlic! I'm green with envy.

Emily - I read my blog and feel guilty!

But seriously we all make a difference in our own way. I eliminate plastic from garlic and you raise beautiful princesses (and that one striking prince) who I know will be trampling through your garden once you get the last baby through the princess poop stage.

Donna said...

Your photo shows exactly how I feel sometimes...a little green, but still hanging to the old dead vine. I, like Emily, feel so guilty...I was getting excited when I saw a signboard in Redding the other day saying "Future Home of Trader Joe's". Good thing it's a 68 mile drive down there. I doubt I'll make the drive often. You are my inspiration. Keep up the good work.
Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia -- I'm actually excited at the huge growing awareness of the choices WE make that we feel guilty about. It means we have more information than we did before. That's all. And pair that with the appreciation of the really good choices is where the day to day solutions of sustainability come from. Sustainability is the season ahead of us and manufactured groceries are the dead vines we are learning to let go of.(Oh dear, I can hear the gospel women calling out Amen behind me.) xoxo