Homemade Butter

I experienced a miracle.

The last year has been full of revelations; where our food comes from and it's staggering effects on the environment. All of which has led to my getting religion in the form of local foods.

Now the mysteries of food are actually unfolding to me.

Yesterday, and it was Sunday, the perfect day for a miraculous occurrence, I saw one of my favorite foods, butter, created from a bottle of cream. And I am here to spread the word.

"We are going to make butter," I told my aunt.

"We need a mixer," she said.

"I don't have one. We'll use a whisk."

"We'll have sore arms," she tried while I began whipping.

"Here." I handed her the bowl licking whipped cream off my fingers.

"We need paddles," she said.

"Keep whipping."

"It's spitting."

"It's spitting!? What do you mean it's spitting!?" I approached her tentatively. And the contents of the bowl spit on me too.

I took the bowl to the sink then and with a spoon and smaller bowl kept up the whisking stirring motion and that's when the miracle occurred.

"Come and look." I felt like I was giving birth. Well, not really but it was an omnipotent moment. The contents of the bowl completely separated. Think the parting of the red sea.

A clear liquid splashed in the bottom of the bowl and the butter separated from it, sticking together, sloshing around.

"It's butter!" I yelled. "It's butter!"

No Moses. Only a hell of a lot of whisking. And no sore arms which is the biggest miracle of all.


Emily said...

Yeah, butter! When my mom taught preschool she used to put cream in a jar and we would take turns shaking it until it turned to butter. It seems like it took a bunch of three-year-olds a long time to shake up some butter.

Kale for Sale said...

Emily - You mean I wasn't the first person to ever make butter? Three year olds can do it? I'm crushed.

Donna said...

Katrina...It looks as yummy as vanilla ice cream. Did it pass the taste test too? Homemade butter on fresh-baked crusty bread, ooh I'm drooling. I'm sure I could live on bread and butter alone. Good job. Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia - The butter tastes heavenly! xoxox

Danielle said...

We just made butter for the first time in January, too. It was so much fun! Now, I just can't wait to have my own cow....

Touch the Earth Farm

Kale for Sale said...

Danielle - It was totally fun. When you get your cow you can call it Betsy Butter! (My Grandma always named the cows Betsy.)

And welcome. I just visited your blog yesterday and love what you're doing.