Rancho Gordo

I was searching online today for locally grown and milled flour, which I was a bit obsessed about, but instead found a new blog, by the man that started and runs Rancho Gordo. This is the vendor that used to be at the Sunday Marin Farmer's Market selling heirloom dry beans that look more like art than food. I want to fill clear glass vases with them.

Rancho Gordo is only at the Saturday morning Ferry Building market these days but sells to a number of retailers and online. I just stocked up online with flageolot, vaquero, ojo de Cabra (goat's eye) and yellow Indian woman beans. Aside from being poetic, gorgeously delicious and nearly extinct, the beans are local per my definition of grown within 100 miles from home.

But the blog! That's what I want to talk about. It's all beans and salsas; chilies, dried, roasted and chopped. It's recipes and pozole. There are pictures, mouth-watering pictures, of tortillas and tacos ready to eat. It's a salsa freak's dream and I only skimmed the titles of the posts for July.

This is so good I've (almost) forgotten about the flour.

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Emily said...

The Rancho Gordo blog is delicious...I hope you need to try out one of those recipies when it's time to come see us.

Those peppers are like christmas lights.