A Little Local Fodder

- The cute guy said we have to eat as many different kinds of potatoes as we (read, I) can find. So far we've had blue, Russian fingerlings, yukon gold, little red ones that I just call new potatoes and ruby somethings that I can't remember the exact name of. They look gnarly.

- Sunday morning at the farmer's market I bought butter made the day before from Springhill Farm in Petaluma. This may be the reason for the sudden surge to eat more potatoes. And a damn good one, I think.

- Best line I've heard at a farmer's market: "These grapes are better than young love!" I should have asked questions but with the taste still sweet I bought a bag as quick as possible so I could keep eating them. If you find these grapes do not pass them up.

- I've branched off to living food and started a brew of kombucha tea on the kitchen counter. It takes a week and already looks disgusting.

- My Rancho Gordo beans arrived with postcard recipes and I may leave them on the kitchen table forever. They are stunning.

- Give your old towels to a local veterinarian. They will thank you.


Sailingacal29 said...

by far the best grapes I have ever eaten ... better than young love to be sure ... well maybe equal to.

JV said...

Hi Miss Kale
Ill have to find some of those grapes.

Havent checked out tierra yet but I will and I love the idea of giving old towels to vets (and I don;t mean old men).

Keeping writing. Its great.