Another Farm Bag

Tonight I picked up, washed and packaged another farm bag from Canvas Ranch and because I'm leaving on Friday for a long weekend I also felt compelled to prepare and have the cute guy and I eat everything in it before Im gone.

I started by feeding him strawberries one at a time from the basket and then I made salads for lunch tomorrow using all the dark lolla rossa lettuce, baby spinach, white corn and sugar snap peas. I cut up half the carrots into stix along with a few florets of gypsy broccoli.

But there was too much to use everything. "Sweetie?" I asked, using my, I love you voice mixed with a little I want something.

He lifted his head from his book, something about sharks in the bay. "Um."

"Do you think you'll eat the rest of this broccoli while I'm away?" I held it up. It was half the size of a buoy.

"Broccoli?" I knew that tone of voice. It was his, I want to give you what you want but you want me to have my teeth pulled with pliers and no novacain voice. He paused then said really quick, "I'll be on the boat," and went back to his book.

I wondered if I could turn the broccoli into something for breakfast but realized we don't eat breakfast. I put it in the fridge. "Well, if you're here and hungry there's also summer squash. The newsletter says it's either raven, costata or romanesco." I waved one in the air. He didn't look. Turned another page. I should draw jaws on them, I thought, but added them to the fridge instead.

Down to the fruit, I cut up the haogen melon, tossed in the remaining strawberries. I was already missing him. "Sweetie?" I said again. He looked up. "There's also turnips from last week and collards in the fridge if you want to eat them." I tried not to smile. He didn't notice.

"I'll be on the boat," he said again but this time with punctuation and without hesitation and dropped his head back to reading.

"Sweetie?" He closed the book, lifted his head, looked at me.

"I wouldn't want to eat broccoli or turnips by myself either."

He started breathing again and grinned. "Thank you. Now can I finish reading my book?"

I gave him a kiss already planning the menu for when I get home.


Anonymous said...

Laugh out loud reading. Thank you love your writing. Love the clean uncluttered site. Great food discriptions and photo's. Keep up the good work.

Emily said...

I love your blog. Especially this one, I have to wonder whether the cute guy is as enthusiastic about the food as you...I have a sneaking suspicion that he may sneak a burger or two on that boat of his. Maybe even a banana...

Kale for Sale said...

Emily - Rule number one on any boat is no bananas! Ole ship lore of some kind that they'll sink the ship. You're probably right on the burgers though. Burgers and snickers.