Local Fruit Salsa

My intention yesterday was to make chutney but I ended up with peach and fig salsa. Sounds terrible even to a salsa freak like me but I assure you it's not. It was the first empty bowl at a friend's potluck. I served it with blue chips but people were grabbing the closest cracker or chip they could reach. I saw one person grab a fork.

Here's what I did.

Since this was party size I used ten soft freestone peaches, peeled and diced in uneven pieces. I added half a dozen figs that were succulently ripe, also diced.

The amount of jalapeno is up to you. If you are timid, half a pepper is probably good. If you are one of those guys or women that spin fire at the base of the man in September, then go for a couple. You can handle it. I minced one and a half.

Ginger isn't local and I doubt it was organic but I added a finger or two and one bunch of cilantro that was both local and organic. Each were finely chopped. The last item was mint, which I picked from the yard. About a dozen big leaves. I could have used more.

Lastly, I ground a bit of salt from the South Pacific on top, mixed it up and started taste testing. It was hard to stop. After a couple hours in the fridge the taste testing started again. The juice had jelled some and stayed on the chip. To my taste the peppers had mellowed weakening their bite. I would have added more but we were taking it to a mixed crowd, fire spinners and not.


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JV said...

this sounds wonderful and is even something that I can eat. thanks