Cucumber Salad

The cute guy and I went stealing apples last night. Not exactly stealing, we had permission. But it sounds more fun to think we were getting away with something.  The reality is we opinionated too loud to be competent thieves. I thought he picked the apples too green and he thought I harvested them from the ground with too many worm holes.

The vacationing homeowners offered anything ripe in their garden in addition to the apples . We carried home twenty pounds of fruit for juicing, a few green and two lemon cucumbers and several stalks of celery. Their tomatoes weren't quite ripe.

We were without fresh food after a long weekend camping which made whatever leftovers or gleaning harvest from an empty house and our own back deck exactly what we would have to eat. The challenge was on.

I made cucumber salad.

2 Diced Green Cucumbers
1 Diced Lemon Cucumber
3 Stalks Celery Cubed
1 Medium Heirloom Tomato Diced
1 Minced Serrano Pepper
1 Tablespoon Each Minced Lovage, Parsley and Wild Arugula
1 Teaspoon Minced Mint
Sea Salt to Taste

Combine everything in a favorite bowl and stir with a slotted spoon. Serve right away or refrigerate.

My only regret was I didn't have leftovers. And that the vacationers weren't going to be gone longer!

I have a few more cucumbers. Any ideas for quick salads? Chile uses them for juice and sorbet. Both of which are entertaining but it's salads we really want on the table this week.


knutty knitter said...

Sliced with fresh mint jelly :)

viv in nz

Kel said...

umm, mix grated cucumber with garlic and thick yoghurt and some cumin seed and serve with vege curry or with pita bread and lebanese meat! yum!

Green Bean said...

Okay, I know this post is about the cucumbers but I can't stop thinking about the apples. Already? Cannot believe they are coming into season already.

Okay, back to the cucumbers, this is so NOT quick but throw in some spices, some tomatoes and an onion and they make an amazing chutney.

doughgirl said...

I love slicing the cukes on the mandoline and tossing them with thinly sliced napa, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, mint, cilantro and whatever else you feel like. I usually dress this with some lime juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, hot pepper flakes, all shook up. Easy peasy, esp if you prep everything ahead of time.

Donna said...

Lucky you, getting to go gleaning. :)

My favorite cucumber recipe is to chop cucumbers up with a tomato, green onion, basil and diced cooked chicken. Use a light lemon dressing, line a pita bread with a lettuce leaf (keeps the pita from getting so soggy), fill with the cucumber mixture and make a sandwich.

kale for sale said...

kk - Wow. That sounds great. I have some hot pepper jelly in the fridge that I think would do the same thing. Thanks!

Kel - I cracked up - lebanese meat. I wouldn't even know where to start. But I get the idea of the spicy and cool and I'm so there. I heart anything curry.

Green Bean - Apples are beginning. I've bought some tiny apples at the market, for art purposes, I can't resist them. But I haven't seen regular sized apples. They'll be a bit longer I imagine. And thanks for the aside of the chutney idea. I wouldn't have thought of it.

doughgirl - You got me with the mint-cilantro combination. Yes! Note to self: Plant cilantro and cucumbers next year.

Donna - Of course you line the pita with lettuce. That's another of those obvious things I never knew or thought of. And it's the part in parenthesis. My hat is off to you.

risa said...

Ah, Stalking the Wild Arugula!

We've had moderate success in improving picked-too-soon apples by steaming them a bit. It's as if the heat concentrates or converts the sugars. Or something.

kale for sale said...

Risa - Thanks for the apple tip. That will help with the neighbors green apples that fall in our yard.

Kel said...

rofl - too funny. youre one quick chick.