'61 Hollywood Schwinn

I don't know if this is true everywhere but the people who bike where I live take it seriously. They ride fast like Lance Armstrong, generally in packs, with special clothes, behind dark glasses. They are muscled sleek people. I am not one of them.

My picture of wanting a bike has been to pedal around town, smell the roses, go the farmers' market and buy blueberries. I've wanted a bike with a basket. And now I have one.

A guy up the street restores and sells old bikes from his garage. He calls them vintage. One casual stop to look at what he had was all it took. I test rode one down the block and knew I would be riding home.

My new bike is a 1961 Hollywood Schwinn with foot brakes. The fenders are original, painted red and white with pinstripes. The bike is heavy and almost clunky but she'll go wherever I want. And she doesn't require matching clothes. I named her the Hurricane.

Every day I come up with errands to ride to; return a dvd, go to the library, book store. Ride to the corner or next town for milk. Last week I rode to the farmers' market and left with a roasted chicken, two pounds of apricots and three tomatoes in the basket. The cute guy and I made a spontaneous detour to the community garden and had a picnic. We'd never have done that in the car.

I consider the Hurricane slow transport, like slow food. It takes longer to get places with all the flower gazing and fruit tree naming, but therein lies the appreciation. I am seriously having fun.


Kel said...

ohhhh *jumping up and down clapping* i want want one. cool bike, love her.= and she'll take you places you've never imagined! whoohoo

The Mom said...

Now that's a bike I could have some interest in!

Green Bean said...

Love it!! This is the kind of bike riding I do, too. :) And I'm ALL about foot brakes. All those things on the handle bars, otherwise? Confusing when I'm bombing down the street with some produce in the basket.

Andree said...

Yay for cruiser bikes! I've got the road bike, the mt bike, and the cruiser (excessive I know, but all have different purposes), and I must say I like the cruiser mentality the best. It is the natural choice for the farmers market, errands, and riding with the kids.

Chile said...

Congratulations on your new transport! My main errands bike is also heavy but she isn't too clunky.

Have fun riding and slowing down.

kale for sale said...

Kel - She took me to the emergency room yesterday. I forgot that you're supposed to drink water when you ride a bike! You can bet I won't make that mistake again.

The Mom - Check one out. It's honestly fun.

Green Bean - The cute guy and I had a big conversation about if you call them foot brakes or coaster brakes. Maybe guys use coaster brakes but all the women I've talked to know foot brakes.

Andree - I saw the picture of you riding an empty road with your arms out to the sides like you're flying. I'll never forget it. Pure freedom! (I'm still using both hands.)

Thanks, Chile. I often think of you with tens of pounds of oranges on your bike from a gleaning adventure. That made quite an impression.