Cloth Produce Bag Winners

I had the cute guy draw the winning names for the cloth bag giveaway. He closed his eyes, stirred the torn squares of paper, said some magic words. He took forever, but he made me laugh.

And the winners are the Rozell Family (check out the scary plastic bag counter in their sidebar) and Diana in Colorado! Please email me at the sidebar with your mailing address.

I wish I could send bags to everyone. But I'm optimistic that we're going to be seeing more and more cloth bags available.

This is only the beginning to the end of single use plastic bags.


dc said...

Yipee, Thank you in advance for the bags. my computer wouldn't let me open the email Kale so I'll see if this works.


kale for sale said...

The Rozell Family - I've deleted your comment so your address wouldn't forever be there. I'll get the bags in the mail on Monday and I'm glad you're excited.

kale for sale said...

dc - I got to your profile but no further. Let's try this. You can email me at