Yes We Can!

I could write about the robust bunch of chard I bought this morning at the farmers' market. The new recipe I picked up from AVA restaurant; a quick braise with slow cooked onions, reconstituted yellow raisins and slivered almonds. It's sweet, crunchy, green. Completely satisfying.

But what's thumping about inside of me is the pre-inauguration concert that happened in Lincoln Square yesterday. I listened to it on KQED driving home from the city. James Taylor singing Shower The People as I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. Crying.

Listening to Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks, Queen Latfiah; too many musicians to name, I wanted to start waving at the people in other cars, blowing them kisses. I wanted us to get out of our cars and hold hands.

Instead I went home and wrapped the unbagged chard in a damp flour sack towel for the fridge. I put a cloth bag of baby gem lettuce and midget kale in the fridge crisper covered with a damp towel. The greens stay just picked fresh for a week this way.

I kept the radio on, dancing while I worked, happy to be alive in this particular moment with the enthusiasm and hope of so many. Yes We Can, seemed more true than ever.

Tomorrow though, watching the inauguration I won't be in my car and I will offer my hand to the person beside me. And maybe I'll give them a cloth produce bag while I'm at it too!

Do you have plans for watching the inauguration?


Donna said...

Wish I could watch it! I'm going to be ferrying kid around to the babysitter so I can get to work! We've got a VCR, though, and my husband knows how to use it. :)

Amanda said...

burying my head in the sand and wondering why so many people think one man can fix everything. sigh.

Lucy said...

Yes, it's rather exciting, I must say. Even from as far away as where I live.

There's something about the way in which people embrace this man that should, I reckon, make Bush Jr cringe.

Nothing wrong with a bit of Hope. (And crying, hopefully, heart bunched up in your chest with pride, is not something politics often inspires. Hoo-ray, I say!)

Kel said...

when you get a true leader, a statesman, in charge, thats very exciting! all nations need hope and leadership, without them you fall into mediocrity. yes you can!

Green Bean said...

Yes we can! Woohoo. I'm so happy. :)

kale for sale said...

donna - Thank goodness for husbands!

amanda - Obama has generated a lot of optimism but truthfully I haven't met anyone that believes he can fix everything. It just feels good to be hopeful and from there maybe we all can fix a little something, work for the common good. It's idealistic, I know, but I can't help it.

lucy - I'm glad the excitement exists far away as well. I didn't know. I've never felt this way about a President, didn't even know it was possible.

kel - Unfortunately, I think we've fallen into something a little deeper than mediocrity.

green bean - Me too!

Emily said...

I agree Katrina...I think it's so endearing to see how hopeful everyone is and can't help but be energized by the spirit of it all. We, too, listened on Sunday to KQED and even Dustin was getting into the spirit (believe it or not). Thanks for the post. I'll be watching tomorrow--with baby Jane.

Going Crunchy said...

Wonderful post!

I don't think anyone thinks that one man can "fix" everything. Erk, just wrote a similar thought and my post disappeared!

I think that it is about all of us to go forth to fix it. How each of us participates in what we want our country to be. A realization that it isn't "all about us," and that all of our mistakes and failures are connected to each other.

It isn't one man, it is one nation and a restoration of national pride in who we can be.

audrey said...

Thanks for tucking a nice simple chard recipe into this post about such an amazing historic event. I watched at work, with a bunch of strangers in a waiting room. Not a bad way to do it.

kale for sale said...

Emily - What about Alice? Does this mean she's going to school?

Going Crunchy - The country certainly participated today. What a day! And now may the festivities sustain us for the work ahead.

Audrey - The chard recipe is seriously good. I ended up watching at work too, no hand holding, no cloth bag give a ways and it was perfect.