2009 Lemonade

A group of friends and I have a New Years tradition of speaking our appreciations of the last year. There's always a few tears, more laughter and an easy camaraderie from the years we've known each other. Last night I found a new appreciation though. It was for each of their efforts towards lightening their carbon footprint and taking care of the local community.

I get wrapped around the whole food thing, eating local and avoiding plastic food packaging that I forget to appreciate the other ways to step lightly. I have a couple of friends who buy their clothes primarily at consignment shops. Another is considering a Prius. This is as good as local lettuce.

The Takeout Queen who hostesses the yearly dinner had the restaurant put the food into her own serving bowls to carry home. And the fish she served for appetizers was from the Seafood Watch best choice list. On top of that her new guy gardens and has a network of neighbors that share their harvests.

Another couple volunteers to deliver food to people who can't get out and another works with children from broken homes. And yet another friend works in the solar industry, while another faithfully carries canvas sacks to the grocery store and requests her summer and fall papers not be delivered in plastic.

Can we do more? Tons more. But I'm appreciative for the variety of actions we are taking and that's the half a glass I'm carrying into the new year. That and a new resolve to check out consignment stores and do something different about how I get the newspaper. Progress will be made.

Happy New Year. Thanks for being here and for doing what you do.


Green Bean said...

I agree. It is so gratifying to see people working toward a lighter lifestyle in whatever way they can. For instance, my parents who are not at all green. They, have, however moved away from single use bottled water and are trying just every so often to take reusable bags to the store. It is a small effort but I'm happy they are doing that. They are also making a real effort to buy from local, independent merchants.

I look forward to the New Year and all that we will collectively learn. Happy New Year.

audrey said...

Katrina, happy new year to you and thanks for all you do to remind us to be green. Thanks to you I have more good days than bad days.

Theresa said...

I too need to look more diligently into the consignment shops.

I have seen more and more people do more 'green' things in 2008, and it certainly is encouraging.

All the best to you and yours for a peaceful and fulfilling 2009 :)

Andree said...

You are so inspiring! Joe and I are going to try a "Nothing new for 3 months" starting, oh, today! We can only buy things that are consumed or depleted (i.e., food, lightbulbs, etc.) If we need something it must be acquired second hand, or free! We are very excited and hopeful, as we would like to do our part and also love to scrounge for treasures! Oh, and we'll reassess after three months and plan to continue. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do!

Melinda said...

Happy New Year, Katrina. We can all do more, and I believe we do a little more every year!!

kale for sale said...

green bean - Good for them. It's those small efforts that balloon into other actions before we even know we've made bigger changes. Best of New Years to you and your house full of guys!

audrey - Thanks to you my cooking has improved. The cute guy and I send a big thank you for that! Happy new years too.

theresa - I stopped by a consignment store today. It was kind of fun but I didn't buy anything. And best of years to you too. May we all be encouraged in the new year!

andree - Nothing for three months! That's awesome. I laughed imagining you eating your shoes or something so you could get a new pair though. I know, the dog ate them. That would count. Seriously I wish you great success. There are a couple of bloggers who didn't buy for a year - Arduous and Fix if you ever feel alone. You, my dear, are an inspiration and I look forward to your journey! Happy New Year. We loved the Christmas card.

Melinda - Thank you. Yes, we do. My best to you and Matt for a healthy happy new year too!