Bill Moyers and Michael Pollan

Yeah, I'm a geek. Instead of blogging I'm watching Bill Moyers conversation with Michael Pollan from last Friday.

As much as I've heard some of the information before it wears off. Being in the world every day I begin to believe that local food doesn't matter, that industrial food is fine. I mean, processed food is everywhere. If there were something wrong with any of it, monocultures and crowded feed lots included, wouldn't someone do something about it?

Michael Pollan is doing something and encouraging all of us to do something too, starting with voting with our forks. It's like Wendell Berry wrote, and this is my paraphrase of it, every act of eating is an act of agriculture.

I don't know about you but I've eaten some bad agriculture and I know we can do better.

Check out the interview. It's inspiring.


Kendra said...

Thank you for the link. I know exactly how you feel...after a while, eating a box of Ritz crackers doesn't seem so bad. But then you get an inspirational reminder of why it's not okay. Did you read the Insight section of the Chronicle on Sunday? That kicked us back into gear. I'm going to post on what I read shortly. It was good stuff. I'm going to listen to that interview too.

kathryn said...

I have the audio version of that interview downloaded onto my phone, ready for a spare moment. So glad to hear it's worthwhile. I keep on thinking I'll get Michael-Pollan-ed out. But it never quite happens.

On a separate note, this week I received a kilo of biodynamic garlic through the post. It's from a farm, just north of Sydney, who have started growing and distributing their garlic. Since I ordered it, 6 weeks ago, they've been sending me weekly updates on my garlic: how the rain has affected, when they've picked it, how it's looking. Have loved the whole process.

kale for sale said...

kendra - What makes those Ritz crackers orange anyway? Thanks for the tip about the Insight section of the Chronicle. I'll check it out and look forward to your post about it too.

kathryn - I pass my geek award to you - downloading the interview to your phone. That's awesome. I haven't tired of MP yet either. He's still on top of it.

Good garlic story and the whole biodynamic gardening thing is fascinating. Check out Kendra's blog above. She just posted on a garlic cure-all you might like with your kilo of cloves. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

katrina, i agree this is an interview worth listening to or viewing. very inspiring. i hope obama's listening too.

i wanted to comment on the photo of the radishes. i think these are the "french breakfast" kind my csa has been sending the last two weeks...supposedly so perfect the french eat them for breakfast! i just eat them one at a time all day long. also, they are quite beautiful.

kale for sale said...

becky - I read something that indicated that yes indeed, Obama had reference to the Farmer In Chief article that MP wrote in the NYT. I continue to be hopeful that we can create food systems that make more sense.

Glad you're enjoying these little french beauties. I haven't actually eaten any yet this season but I do like them.

CindyW said...

I too watch Bill Moyers fairly often. He is one of the few journalists around who is still interested in the real in-depth answers and open to different opinions. Anyway I saw MP on it and liked him all over again.

How could you not listen to him when he speaks so eloquently, so convincingly and so rationally? :)

I'd love it if he is our Sec of Ag. But I'd settle for someone who is not tied to big agr businesses.

kale for sale said...

CindyW - Thanks for the comment. I'll have to check out Bill Moyers more often to see what he's up too. I really only caught him this time because of MP.

audrey said...

We just happened to see this interview. Good stuff. I'm excited to see how much press the idea is getting, like in Nic. Kristof's column in today's NY Times. Who knows what might just happen?