Roasted Brussel Sprouts

One of my favorite holiday moments ...

Being told the brussel sprouts were delicious by someone who had never liked them before.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Halve six to ten brussel sprouts per serving. Toss and coat completely with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Crowd without heaping onto a cookie sheet.

Roast at 400 degrees and turn at eight minute intervals until outer leaves have browned and sprouts can be easily pierced; approximately 35 minutes.

Serve hot.

What was your favorite moment?


Green Bean said...

Hmm, I'm still a doubting Thomas on the brussel sprouts.

No one favorite moment for me. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. My grandmother with Alzheimers was completely lucid and so happy to see all the kids. All the children played very nicely together - nary a stray kick or mean word. And we adults played nicely too. :)

Barbara said...

Another good one - brussels
stir fried with garlic, sesame
oil and soy sauce - sounds gross,
tastes divine.

Kel said...

oh , ode to a brussel sprout! hated them as a kid- who wouldnt if they'd had the life boiled out of them and served in all their boiled watery glory? Braised, baked, steamed...fantastic. Favourite moment - waay to many!

Anonymous said...

the roasted brussel sprout recipe sounds divine!

my favorite moment- well, two. the first involved the hit of our meal...the fresh corn from our csa. when it was flowing in a dozen ears at a time, i froze several batches with thanksgiving in mind. all that fresh sugar sealed in to savor later. maybe a tablespoon of butter added, nothing more, it was simply put...the star of the show. everyone said so. not that the other dishes weren't also delicious, it was just that the corn was that good.

then, between main course and dessert, a friend my daughter had invited played her violin for us. she played "the first noel" and "come all ye faithful". my 87 year old mother hummed along. "i couldn't bring a dish," danielle explained, "so i thought i'd play my violin for you instead."

preserve this,too! i thought with tears in my eyes.

Chile said...

LOL, I just bought Brussels sprouts yesterday to try roasting them for the first time. I've always loved them steamed, but I'm willing to try them roasted.

I have to do it while my sweetie's at work though because he can't stand the smell of cabbage or BS cooking. More for me!

Fave moment for me this year? Having my sweetie and his mom tell me to just make the candied yams with marshmallow topping next year. They've always said they don't like those so I usually just make yams with orange marmalade. This year, I made that plus candied some CSA yams and used vegan Ricemellow creme topping for me. They loved them.

audrey said...

My sister in law does them a similar way and they are so good. That's what got me wondering why I used not to like them, and now we eat them anytime they're fresh.

kendra said...

I bet your sprouts were delicious! I like them, actually. Especially when they get a little crispy and caramalized after roasting.

The whole long weekend was great! Lots and Lots of feasts and family.

Theresa said...

I must try the roasted brussels sprouts - I've only ever eaten them boiled with butter sauce,which is tasty but probably not as healthy. Glad you all had a nice thanksgiving (ours is a month earlier due to our shorter growing season.) :)

kale for sale said...

green bean - You surprise me that you don't like brussel sprouts or actually that you don't think you like them. You might be surprised.

I'm glad your holiday was a good one.

barbara - That doesn't sound gross at all. Mouth watering good as a matter of fact. Thank you.

kel - ... boiled water glory. That sounds like the vegetables the cute guy tells me stories of growing up. His Mom had a pressure cooker she used for everything. We've come a long way baby.

becky - You mean you shared your summer corn?! Quite generous of you. Mine is hidden still in the freezer.

The violin story is delicious. Thank you for passing it along.

chile - Yams with orange marmalade? That's brilliant. I'm going to try it as I have several jars of the marmalade in the pantry. Ricemellow is a new one on me. Fortunately they don't sell it at the farmers' market or I might be tempted to try it.

Let me know how the roasted bs's go.

audrey - Yeah, brussel sprouts got a bad rap some where along the line. I love the video your blog partner posted showing them being harvested from beneath snow and ice. Very cool. (Pun intended.)

kendra - I suspect it was as beautiful at your house as it was around here too; the colors and light and smells. I wanted to eat all of it.

theresa - I didn't know Canada had a Thanksgiving holiday. I really should get out more.

My other favorite way to eat brussel sprouts, and I'll even eat them cold this way, is to steam and then eat them with canola oil mayonaisse and a bit of salt. They're so healthy to begin with I make anything I put on them guilt free. Enjoy that butter sauce!

Chile said...

I ate an embarrassingly large number of roasted Brussels sprouts yesterday for lunch.

Kale - I posted the yam-marmalade recipe for you.

Lucy said...

They are a divider of a vegetable, aren't they? I like them stir-fried much as Barbara does. But smothered with cream and braised on the stove top is quite good, too.

That photo's stunning.

It's a lovely idea for a holiday - though I say that with little knowledge of the origin of the celebration itself. But the thought of giving thanks for what matters with people whom you love sounds rather good to these distant ears.

kale for sale said...

chile - An embarassingly large number? 48? Anything less would simply be good taste!

lucy - Brussel sprouts are first cousins to beets, the other divider vegetable. I've never had the sprouts smothered and braised in cream. It sounds a bit risque and certainly worth trying. Thank you.

TQ said...

Brussel sprouts, my favorite vegetable. Sauteeing thinly sliced with lots of with garlic, butter, and at the end Parmesan or Paranno cheese and people who've sworn off them before eat them with relish.

Katrina, the picture is magical!

kale for sale said...

take out queen - Too funny - I kept reading your comment that people eat brussel sprouts with relish and thinking that sounds disgusting. I love the damn things but with relish. Ick. Now I get it. With an enthusiastic relish not pickle relish.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I bought brussel sprouts at the farmer's market and tried them for the first time ever. We roasted ours and couldn't stop snacking on them while waiting for the rest of our meal to finish cooking.

kale for sale said...

bad human - I had someone at the Thanksgiving dinner ask me what they were but I thought they were putting me on. They weren't. I'm glad you liked them! The other night I roasted them a bit too much, I won't say burned, but somewhat crisp and they were still good. A forgiving vegetable is good.