Haiku Friday

One piece of pumpkin
pie with a mound of whipped cream
just wasn't enough.


Green Bean said...

Oh I hear ya!!! Are those watermelons? Thought I'd seen everything at the farmers' markets but I don't think I've seen those.

Kel said...

i *love love* what you do with your haiku Friday and i cant believe i never thought to include som great pics with mine *slaps hand on forehead* so in full flattery mode have nicked that idea. links embedded is another wonderfully creative way to make it such an expereintial poem. i love your blog.

kale for sale said...

green bean - They're gourds. Kind of a funny shape I don't think I've seen before either. They reminded me of turkeys.

kel - Welcome Haiku Friday Girlfriend! I love that you do them too. I'll be checking in.