Broccoli & Meyer Lemon

Have you ever ate a meyer lemon? I mean the entire lemon? Okay, maybe not all of the peel but some of the peel?

I have.

I didn't plan on eating the lemon. It started with a tentative lick to determine the sour factor. It was a scientific lick. But the sour was far away so I licked the lemon again; more information was needed. I took a bite. Skin and all. Another bite and I was ripping away the peel, eating drinking, biting until the lemon was gone. And yes, the sour stayed at a distance even though I kept anticipating it. I could have eaten three but I'd only purchased one.

Broccoli and Meyer Lemon

One Head of Broccoli
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
One Meyer Lemon

Steam the broccoli until it screams green and is still crisp. Dress with olive oil and sea salt to taste. Top with a small squeeze of meyer lemon juice, toss broccoli and sample again. Repeat adding lemon juice as necessary keeping the taste of it faint as a lick.

I promise an empty of bowl of broccoli when the meal is done. And enough lemon left over to eat later.


Dani said...

This is my all time favourite way to et broccoli. Superb. My lemon tree that I am trying to save is a meyer so I'm hoping for my own supply one day.

kendra said...

We had our first meyer of the season last night! Delicious.

Have you ever tried slicing it really, really thin, peel and all and putting it on a salami sandwich. Oh my lord! Try it soon if you haven't already.

Donna said...

This sounds wonderful! But I'm not familiar with Meyer lemons -- I'm pretty sure they don't grow in Oregon. ;)

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

I don't think I've ever had a meyer lemon. I can't imagine eating a lemon whole and it not being overwhelmingly tart though! The broccoli with lemon sounds really good.

audrey said...

This sounds simple and terrific, but sadly we can't get Meyer lemon this far north. I might have to put it on the list with salt or coffee or on the other list of reasons to move.

garys said...

Ha! I just bought 7 meyer lemons to start some holiday baking, and now I feel compelled to eat one whole. I've also got some broccoli in the fridge so, um, well you know. :)

kale for sale said...

Dani - Good luck with the tree. I'm now thinking of getting one too. I want my own meyer lemons.

kendra - You are the queen of sandwiches. Really. I'm still thinking about your tomato sandwich with the slosh of wine on the bread.

I've not lemon on a sandwich ever but now I will certainly be considering it. Thank you.

donna - You'll have to have some when you next come to visit your parents. And then you can take some home with you too.

jennifer - I couldn't imagine eating one either until I did. I suspect you will one day too.

audrey - Put it on both lists!

garys - Sounds like you might need to take another trip for more lemons. I wonder, what are you baking with the lemons?

garys said...

I found a recipe for a meyer lemon tartlet via becks & posh which led to

it may be beyond my baking skill set, but nothing ventured, nothing gained

kale for sale said...

gary - Go for it! You can do it.