Yes We Can

I first heard about this Yes We Can music video by Will.I.Am from the only person I know who doesn't own a computer. Go figure.

And then I saw it on Green Bean's blog. She actually posted it on her sidebar which is not only cool but technically advanced in my elementary knowledge of blogs.

I've watched the video half a dozen times now and counting trying to figure why I'm so moved by it. Yes, it's sexy; it revs up, smoothes out, holds, crescendos. It makes my body sway, my blood heat up.

But it's more than that. The message allows for hope, gives permission for hope, encourages hope. It says, we deserve nothing less than hope and that whatever we want to accomplish, We Can.

And not just people of certain political persuasions but everyone.

My favorite line is, "We are not as divided as our politics would suggest."

This is a blog to promote eating locally as a vehicle to lessen our carbon bite on the environment but I could not resist posting this.

And now I'm going to go and eat a local carrot. Because I Can.

And so Can You!

2/18/08 More: The Eat Local Challenge blog has a terrific write up by Julie Cummins about this video, about hope, about eating local. Here's the link if you have a second.


Green Bean said...


I'm so glad you watched and enjoyed the video. I felt the same which is why I posted it. I like that the message is so positive and "regenerative" - my favorite new word. We are at a point in our country and our planet where we need to not just move on but to repair, rebuild, heal. That is the message behind this video, I think. I am so tired of the negativity in politics which is why this video is such an exciting find. :)

Green Bean said...

Katrina - please head on over to my pad when you have a chance. I'm tagging you for yet another meme.

kale for sale said...

green bean - Regenerative. I like that. This is an exciting find. And fun which is always a bonus.

Thanks for the tag. I'm getting the hang of them now.