While the primary election results rolled in last night I was tagged.

Yeah, that's what I said the first time I was tagged a few months ago. I was clueless.

But now it's happened again.

And this time I was kind of excited. And then I read the rules and wasn't, because, well, I'd have to reread my own blogs and I've already read them 54 times editing them to begin with.

Still in the dark? The person that tagged me, Chile, does a great and succinct job of explaining (thank you!).

Even more succinct -- link up five of your favorite blogs on five different topics.

It ended up being fun, almost as if someone else had written the blogs but I had the memories.

I tasted the salt on the strawberries all over again choosing the blog on family.

The blog about friends wasn't that long ago but it was still sweet to remember. It reminded me of the lentil wreaths the Chronicle did on the front page of the food section this morning.

The blog I picked about me is embarrassing. Who is that crazy woman?!

I went straight to strawberry heaven for the someone I love topic.

And the last one about anything was the hardest. It was a toss up between two haikus. Here's the winner.

The best part of doing this was realizing that all the choices were interchangeable as to the category I picked them for. And that was the best part of all.


Chile said...

Loved your choices. Thanks for going down memory lane for those of us new to your blog. :)

Green Bean said...

Nice links! I haven't been reading your blog for that long so I missed some of these the first time. Glad you pulled them out of the memory banks to enjoy this time.

kale for sale said...

Thanks you two. Have you noticed we're all green vegetables? Is that weird?