Free Rice

Sometimes I have the smallest problem becoming obsessed with games. Last year it was computer Scrabble and lately I clear my mind with four suits Spider solitaire at enigram (No, I won't link it.)

But now I have a game that is smart and benefits people needing food, It's brilliant.

I found the site at Danielle's blog, Touch The Earth Farm, and have donated nearly 1,000 grains.... cross that out, nearly 2,000 grains of rice to the World Food Programme by playing. Thank you, Danielle.

Yesterday there were 150,137,840 grains of rice donated.

The game is self-explanatory. A word is presented and you choose the best definition from one of four presented. The words become increasingly more difficult. With each correct answer 20 grains of rice are donated to the WFP.

The rice is purchased from the advertising revenue generated by the site though I barely noticed the advertising.

I read the small print on the WFP link and when possible the rice is purchased locally to feed populations needing it, which we already know, has the added benefit of also benefiting the community. Although to be honest, at the point people are that hungry, where the food comes from is not my first thought.

Per the game site my vocab level is at a 38 so far. More donating is definitely necessary!


Laura said...

Well that was an excellent link. I just spent about 5 minutes at it and managed to rack up 520 grains of rice and a vocab level of 43. Then I got 4 wrong in a row.

I'll definitely go back tomorrow when I've had chance to get my confidence back up.

kale for sale said...

Laura - Good for you! I still haven't got past 38. But the day is still young.

Laura said...

Well, now I'm down to 37 - must have just been a stroke of beginner's luck.

BTW, I'm giving you the E for Excellent award (I'm sure I'm not the first...)

kale for sale said...

Laura - The cute guy thought I hurt myself when I saw your comment and let out a yahoo. Thank you.